Unsubscribe, delete, disable, turn off

I recently calculated that over 80% of personal emails I receive, I delete immediately without even reading. These aren’t spam emails, these are newsletters or websites I signed up to at some point and now the emails just aren’t relevant anymore. So instead of deleting these emails, I clicked unsubscribe. It wasn’t an easy task, it would have been easier and faster to just click delete instead, but now almost all of the emails I receive are important or relevant to me. Since I’m now getting a lot less emails, I spend a lot less time checking my emails.

I took that same idea and applied it to my phone as well. Any apps that weren’t relevant or useful to me, were deleted or disabled. Notifications, (except for incoming calls), were turned off as well. I’ve also started to be more deliberate with how I use my phone. Instead of always having my phone within reach, I leave it on a shelf in the dining room. I also try not to have my phone in the bedroom, it’s far too easy for me to lay in bed reading the news or watching youtube.

If you want to start de-cluttering your life, cleaning your inbox and minimizing your phone is a great place to start. You might just find that you have more free time than you think you do.